Suggestions for the Lucie Miller Collection sale

Sheridan Smith as back as Lucie Miller in a new set of full-cast stories with the Eighth Doctor, and Big Finish is marking her return with a 50% sale on the previous adventures. Details on the sale are: The Lucie Miller Collection. I thought I’d share some recommendations, given this blog is named for the planet of Lucie’s first adventure, Blood of the Daleks.

The Ballad of Lucie Miller

I’ve given general views on the Lucie Miller stories on this blog (eg here, much more to come!) and I’d like to consider the four series as series. I’ll assume you haven’t heard any, or maybe tried a few but aren’t sure.

My very quick view on the series are:

  1. Series 1 sets up the character, works very well and is overall strong
  2. Series 2 is probably my favourite in terms of feel, with some returning cast (changing roles here and there) helping make this feel like a proper series with some strong ideas
  3. Series 3 Big Finish tried releasing in half-episodes every fortnight (AFAIR) and the pacing is not quite right here and there. Good stories though
  4. Series 4 starts with a big story (Death in Blackpool), goes in a tangent then comes right back with some of the best stories Big Finish has ever done, and a powerful ending, reshaping the Doctor’s life forever.

If you aren’t getting them all, I would suggest trying to get the first two series. If you just want a flavour of who Lucie is across the range, maybe try:

  • Blood of the Daleks (2 parts)
  • Horror of Glam Rock
  • Human Resources (2 parts)
  • Max Warp
  • Brave New Town
  • Grand Theft Cosmos
  • The Zygon who Fell to Earth
  • Sisters of the Flame / Vengeance of Morbius.

That’s 11 stories. Tuck in!

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