Max Warp comes to vinyl!

More vinyl from Big Finish and ASDA, this time it’s the wonderful Eighth Doctor and Lucie Miller story Max Warp. It’s got a great new cover design (see photo) and is one of my favourite in the range. It’s released on November 15, 2019 on colour splatter-effect vinyl.

Vortex 124: It’s Miller time!

I don’t always (in fact rarely) mention the great Big Finish free magazine Vortex but this month is an exception. Kenny Smith has pulled out all the stops to mark Sheridan Smith’s return to the role of Lucie Miller. Yes, Vortex 124 is (almost) all about Lucie. As this blog takes its name from the…

Flashpoint review

It’s Lucie Miller (and read by Sheridan herself) in an electrifying Eighth Doctor Short Trips story, Flashpoint, written by Andrew Smith. You want more? I put some notes together for Cultbox: Doctor Who: Flashpoint review. Now go off and listen to it! ### Message Ends ###

Odds on the next Doctor

With the suggestion of Kris Marshall being the subject of heavy betting (Doctor Who TV: KRIS MARSHALL 13TH DOCTOR BETS SUSPENDED AFTER SUDDEN SPIKE) in part as he is leaving Death in Paradise. This led me to look at the various odds being offered, to see who else is on the list; queue this post!