Odds on the next Doctor


With the suggestion of Kris Marshall being the subject of heavy betting (Doctor Who TV: KRIS MARSHALL 13TH DOCTOR BETS SUSPENDED AFTER SUDDEN SPIKE) in part as he is leaving Death in Paradise. This led me to look at the various odds being offered, to see who else is on the list; queue this post!

The Thirteenth Doctor

Here’s a few odds (as of the time of writing according to Ladbrokes) that paint the story:

  • 4/5 Kris Marshall
  • 5/1 Tilda Swinton
  • 6/1 Olivia Colman
  • 16/1 Richard Ayoade.

If we dive lower we get some more intriguing names (and I suspect some fans have engage in wishful thinking):

  • 20/1 Rory Kinnear
  • 25/1 Sheridan Smith, Helena Bonham Carter, Alexander Vlahos, Andrew Scott, Danny Dyer, Lenny Henry
  • 33/1 James Corden, Idris Elba, Stephen Fry, Benedict Cumberbatch, Michelle Gomez
  • 40/1 Sue Perkins
  • 50/1 Josette Simon, Julie Hesmondhalgh.

I think we can ignore the 250/1 shot: Jeremy Corbyn!

I’d love someone like Alexander Vlahos to get the role, but I can see him playing the next Master / Missy before the Doctor. A world with Stephen Fry as the Doctor would be amusing. If I was to pick from these (and I left out lots of options), my list is:

  • Rory Kinnear
  • Olivia Colman
  • Kris Marshall
  • Julie Hesmondhalgh.

Of course, I know nothing!

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