Danny Dyer for Doctor Who?

danny-dyerMy favourite of the current round of ‘who should play the next Doctor’ stories is the idea of Danny Dyer! Best known Eastenders, this would be an ideal choice for upsetting the apple cart – male, white, English.This mad idea is from The SunWALFORD TO MARS.

Now, clearly the headline should be Walford to Gallifrey, but is it a ridiculous idea really? Remember at one stage Eastenders and Doctor Who were in the same universe (Dimensions in Time), and only more recently has Eastenders become a TV show in Doctor Who (think the Eastenders clip of Peggy Mitchell on TV in Army of Ghosts. What’s more, in the show Who Do You Think You Are? we learned Danny is descended from royalty (Edward III), so being a Lord of Time isn’t completely outrageous!

Stay tuned for the next outlandish episode of Who Should Play the Doctor? next time!

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