The return of the Ice Warriors

ice-warriorSeveral places, including The Radio Times, are reporting a new Mark Gatiss Ice Warrior story for Peter Capaldi’s final season as the Doctor. For me his previous Cold War was a mixed bag, David Warner was excellent, taking the Ice Warrior out of its armour was a mistake. I worry when I read the title: Doctor Who series 10 will feature “a new kind of Ice Warrior”.

A new kind of Ice Warrior

My problem is this: there are three types of viewers (roughly): serious fans, new fans and casual viewers.

Serious fans haven’t had any kind of Ice Warrior for decades, apart from the suitless effort in Cold War. They want the standard Ice Warriors before they get them modernised

New fans  and casual viewers don’t have any vested interest in Ice Warriors, so this means nothing to them.

In other words, bring them back, re-establish them, then modernise  /tweak them. In my humble it’s trying to run before walking!

Maybe it will work, but I’m of the camp that says Mark Gatiss’s new Doctor Who stories are a mixed bag.


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