The thirteenth is coming!

Capaldi regeneration key teaser imageSo, after Sunday’s Men’s final from Wimbledon we get the reveal of the Thirteenth Doctor! Why then, why now? Well the conspiracy theorists have their views, as do the pragmatists. I’m more latter camp, but though I’d do one more post before this becomes old news (and who will be the fourteenth [repeat for ever]).

Announcing the Thirteenth Doctor

A surprising number of fans are disappointed not to have a special reveal (and that despite how poor the Capaldi reveal was), and moaning about having to watch come tennis. The BBC has often plugged Doctor Who with sport in recent years, and to be honest it’s not about the fans, it’s about wider audience. I for one like football and the odd bit of Wimbledon, even if that’s seen as a betrayal by the more vituperous fans. So, in a nutshell, I’ll be there, but whose face will be revealed?

The conspiracy theorists are saying this is an emergency announcement as something has leaked, and point to the odds shifting on Jodie Whittaker, the same way they did on Peter Capaldi just before his announcement. I don’t buy this myself, and suspect the reality is:

  • They’ve filmed the end of the Twelfth Doctor
  • The regeneration will CGI into a new sequence with the Thirteenth Doctor and I guess they’ve just filmed that with a small team
  • They want the news for the upcoming SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con) next weekend
  • They’ve filmed a proper teaser (see the picture and link above).

I suspect this was in train, and any leak has had minimal effect.

Who will it be?

If you check the odds, Kris Marshall has been the favourite for a long time, but Jodie Whittaker has roared in and is (as I write) joint favourite. Others in the list I don’t believe in, for example Andrew Scott is a great actor, more suited in my view to the Master and also too associated with Steven Moffat.

Jodie WhittakerI like the Jodie Whittaker idea: a great actor and Chris Chibnall has worked with her for three seasons of Broadchurch. I see Vicky McClure, and yes she is in several things at the moment, but I suspect too busy with Line of Duty. If we’re talking female actors, I don’t see MyAnna Buring, then she is busy being a new mum, and filming Ripper Street. It’s easy to find options if you look. Gillian Anderson anyone?

Then there are the other male choices (I don’t want to go into the Kris Marshall debate here) and David Harewood is a good actor (wonderful in Homeland, but busy with Supergirl?), and Joseph Paterson is back in the running again.

Others have ruled themselves out, and there are many silly options lower down (and Danny Dyer is still on the list).

Will the show go for a younger Doctor? I think they might, but I hope not too young as the character needs some gravitas. Will it go female? Well if so I’d vote Olivia Coleman, but Jodie Whittaker (who also acted with Christopher Eccleston on stage in Antigone, as well as with David Tennant in Broadchurch) has impressed many people, and would certainly give the show a change.

Let’s chat Sunday night!




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