The Twelfth Doctor comes to Big Finish!

Before you get too excited, we don’t think it’s Peter Capaldi, but next year February 2019) gives us the Twelfth Doctor in the a Short Trips. The range has been extended for two years to the end of 2020. Producer Ian Atkins has moved on (and many personal thanks to Ian), and new producer Alfie Shaw has the controls. There’s a news piece: DOCTOR WHO SHORT TRIPS CONFIRMED TO 2020, and it covers who Alfie came to work for Big Finish, and details the first four stories. We have Leela meeting the Brigadier, but in February we have The Astrea Conspiracy by Lizbeth Myers…

The blurb for The Astrea Conspiracy gives a lot away:

The conspirators sit in Antwerp, plotting to kill King Charles the Second. Aphra Behn’s mission is simple, get former lover William Scot to turn against his treasonous comrades. But her money is running out and the complications don’t stop there. A strange Scottish man arrives at her inn with troubling news.

William Scot is out and the Doctor is in.

The news item confirms the Twelfth Doctor, but doesn’t name the reader. It’s not likely to be Peter Capaldi, but until we know who, it’s fun speculating. A return for Nardole (Matt Lucas) perhaps? Pearl Mackie?

Andy Frankham-Allen wrote January’s The Revisionists the Leela / Brigadier tale read by Louise Jameson, Alfie Shaw himself wrote March’s Doctors and Dragons, and Paul Ebbs brings us April’s The Year of the Drex Olympics.

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