Donna Noble has been Kidnapped! (But still saves the world!)

In a much expected (and welcome( announcement, we find out Catherine Tate will be back alongside Jacqueline King as Donna and Sylvia Noble. Full details of Donna’s solo boxset (ie no Doctor) are in the news piece: Donna Noble saves the world!

Saving the World with Donna Noble

The four stories are by the usual suspects, with the welcome addition of Jac Rayner:

  1. Out of this World by Jaq Rayner
  2. Spinvasion by John Dorney
  3. The Sorceror of Albion by James Goss
  4. The Chiswick Cuckoos by Matt Fitton

I’m very much wondering if we see more than a nod to John Wyndham in Matt’s story!

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