Doctor Who and the Triffids in Celestial Toyroom 507

The Doctor Who Appreciation Society (DWAS) has published Celestial Toyroom 507, and the cover looks fantastic (see left)! The contents mentions Doctor Who and the Triffids, The Kraken, The Chrysalids and So Much More — which I wrote! Let me know what you thought of it. +++ Message Ends +++

Doctor Who: look back at Season 13

While we wait for series 13 of Doctor Who to make its way to our screens (we assume 2021 after the end of year special Revolution of the Daleks) I thought I might pop back to 1975/76. Back to Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor. Back to season 13…

Donna Noble has been Kidnapped! (But still saves the world!)

In a much expected (and welcome( announcement, we find out Catherine Tate will be back alongside Jacqueline King as Donna and Sylvia Noble. Full details of Donna’s solo boxset (ie no Doctor) are in the news piece: Donna Noble saves the world!

Question: John Wyndham – The Roots of Doctor Who

For some years I have felt that whenever people discuss the early influences on Doctor Who (and I mean the TV show, though not necessarily just the First Doctor), a lot of people mention Quatermass but few mention John Wyndham. (And do check out Wyndham Web) I’m considering putting some effort into producing a few thousand words on…