Doctor Who: look back at Season 13

While we wait for series 13 of Doctor Who to make its way to our screens (we assume 2021 after the end of year special Revolution of the Daleks) I thought I might pop back to 1975/76. Back to Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor. Back to season 13…

Season 13

At the time this was just another season of Doctor Who. Hindsight lets us dig deeper and see a lot more than might meet the eye. In many ways a lot happened and I choose to see this as an auger for the next series 13. Nothing like a spot of optimism! Lots of new monsters and lots of new ideas. The 1970s was really a bumper time for the show!

Au Revoirs and Zygons

Although made for season 12, Terror of the Zygons starts the season with a new monster. This is a trend I like (Autons, Sontarans, The Master…) but it’s also time for Harry Sullivan to leave the TARDIS and the last regular appearance of the Brigadier. As to new monsters, welcome the Zygons! Not only that but we have the Loch Ness Monster!

A forbidding planet

Planet of Evil is a great alien planet adventure, more than a little based on Forbidden Planet. Welcome to Zeta Minor and the threat of anti-matter monsters.

Sutekh and the Osirans

Pyramids of Mars brought the Osirans and Sutekh. Evocative creations and this story also sticks in my mind for the scene where Sarah Jane Smith asks to skip the adventure and just pop forward in time to miss the threat.


Android Invasion is a rather flat story only notable for the final TV appearance of Harry Sullivan and John Benton.


Next up Brain of Morbius! It brought as the Sisterhood of Kahn, an iconic location for Doctor Who as well as that scene when the Doctor tackles Morbius. All those regenerations and we waited over 40 years for the Chibnall Masterplan to make sense of it all.

John Wyndham remembered

The Seeds of Doom brings the Antarctic, seed pods and Krynoids. Whenever science fiction goes into the realm of intelligent / mobile / killer plants we have to say Triffids and mention John Wyndham. It’s a rule!

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