Fourth Doctor for free!

Big Finish is giving away part 1 of Destination Nerva from September 7 2020 for one week. It was the first story for which Tom Baker returned to the role of the Fourth Doctor for Big Finish and should be part of any fan’s collection. There’s also a sale. Details after the break.

Doctor Who Stranded 1.1 Lost Property

Doctor Who Stranded 1.1 Lost Property

With Stranded, Big Finish takes the Eighth Doctor, Liv and Helen to a Covid-free version of London 2020. There they must survive without TARDIS and most of the Doctor’s trickery (no sonic nor psychic paper). Instead they might even have to get jobs! It’s all very different and for me, overdue. I’m reviewing these one…

Celestial Toyroom 506 out now

The DWAS members’ periodical Celestial Toyroom is on its way and very much focuses on Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor. In fact, Face of Evil aside, it very much focusses on Robots of Death and all things Kaldor City. Guest editor Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore take control as we explore. Check your post now! ***…

Doctor Who: Shadow of the Sun review on CultBox

I gave my thoughts on Robert Valentine’s Fourth Doctor story Shadow of the Sun on CultBox. It’s a decent story I’d like to have heard over four parts — not the biggest gripe in the world! Brought forward from 2024 (what’s a little time travel amongst Doctor Who fans?!), it’s entertaining with a serious message.…

Lockdown special Fourth Doctor story coming in May!

Big Finish has complete its first ever full-cast lockdown remote recording audio and it’s due for release in May! Robert Valentine wrote Doctor Who: Shadow of the Sun. It’s a Fourth Doctor, Leela and K9 story. The cast includes Tom Baker, Louise Jameson, John Leeson and Fenella Woolgar. The full press release is after the…

Tom Baker and the Return of the Cybermen

Big Finish is to create another Doctor Who Lost Story and this time it’s Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor in Return of the Cybermen. Some details are available and more are promised in the April Doctor Who Magazine. We don’t even have artwork yet, hence the weird version of Revenge of the Cybermen.

Doctor Who: look back at Season 13

While we wait for series 13 of Doctor Who to make its way to our screens (we assume 2021 after the end of year special Revolution of the Daleks) I thought I might pop back to 1975/76. Back to Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor. Back to season 13…

Jane Asher in the TARDIS with the Fourth Doctor

Big Finish has announced a surprise celebrity casting for January 2020’s Fourth Doctor release Chase the Night. It’s a Jonathan Morris story released as part of The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 09 Volume 1. Jane previously appeared in the Sarah Jane Adventures as Sarah Jane’s childhood friend Andrea Yates.