The Authentic Experience review

As it happens, I was in studio when Dan Starkey’s Short Trips: The Authentic Experience was recorded. My first impressions (and I mean first, this was the opening scene) of this great Sixth Doctor and Peri story were:

  1. Wow: I wish I’d thought of that
  2. Wow: isn’t Nicola Bryant an amazing voice artist?

From memory director Lisa Bowerman and producer Ian Atkins had little to do on the day, and I sat in the control room with Dan as his story unfolded.

Now I get to hear the final post-production version, I’m more impressed. It’s a great story, takes the listener some time to gather what’s happening, then gives Nicola a whole host of settings to exercise her vocal talents. The synopsis gives little away:

Tired of the old 9 to 5? The daily grind getting you down? Step this way to discover a universe of possibilities! If you’re fed up with looking at screens all day, we can offer the authentic experience: whether you want to be as rich as Croesus and swim in gold, or feel the dirt and sweat of honest toil we’re ready for your business. Forget the “Same Old”, embrace the “New Old”!

Really it’s a rock solid story, and beautifully demonstrates the power of the range. Dan Starkey may be more known for playing Sontarans, but let’s hope he writes more Doctor Who as well!

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