Doctor Who Stranded 1.4 Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention

David K Barnes brings the first set of Eighth Doctor Stranded stories to a close with Divine Intervention. Welcome back to London, 2020. Broken TARDIS, problems with money and a house full of people with their own backstories. Does this final (for now) story make things clearer or add to the mysteries (spoiler — it does both).

Acts of God?

In this fourth story, we are largely ignoring the mystery of Mr Bird (see Must-see TV) and focussing on the important things in life — dinner and a show. More accurately it’s a show (carrying on the TV theme) followed by a romantic dinner between Liv and Tania. And Helen. And all the other tenants. And Sgt Andy. And the Doctor.

There’s more science fiction, with a convoluted attempt to get the TARDIS back into operation and a part-reveal of Sgt Andy’s T*rchw**d involvement. I’m not spelling it out in case the Eighth Doctor finds out as he must know yet.

What we have little of is the titular Divine Intervention. There’s a Sarah Jane Adventures style sequence for Robin Bright-Thompson (played by Joel James Davison as in son of Peter) and a vague reference later on. Once again there are things happening, the Doctor gets quite excited and it’s half-way between standard Doctor Who fare and a soap.

The pacing works, Sgt Andy (Tom Price) is on good form and it’s a satisfying listen. On the downside it’s still a little disjointed for me, as the others have been. That may be just my adapting to the narrative format, but I’m also thinking other things. I may do a post on the boxset as a whole to work out just what I’m thinking.

It’s a very long wait for the second set (March 2021) and that’s my biggest disappointment.

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