Doctor Who Stranded 1.3 Must-see TV

Watching you, watching me…

The first Eighth Doctor set of Stranded stories continues (from Wild Animals) with Lisa McMullin’s Must-see TV. The Doctor, Liv and Helen are still trapped in London 2020, and we have arrivals in the form of Sgt Andy Davidson (Tom Price) and Mr Bird (Clive Wood). Science fiction is back on the agenda but we’re still character driven rather than action. Here come my thoughts…

T is for T*rchw**d

Two confessions:

  1. No sooner have I praised the different approach to story-telling in Stranded than the third story kicks straight off with the arrival of Sgt Andy and a portion the veil is lifted. We now know what one of the tenants is really up to. I hold my hand up to being pleased at the possible change of pace. I soon put it down again, feeling guilty over my claims to welcome the more gentle mood of this boxset. It wasn’t much of a change of pace anyhow!
  2. About forty minutes in I was admiring Lisa McMullins writing when the story comes to an end. It feels much shorter and (like the previous two instalments) lacking in some clear centre.

Speaking of tenants, new ‘kid’ on the block is super-helpful Mr Bird who is a dab hand at everything, and also a person of interest to Sgt Andy. Liv gets involved in following Mr Bird to the offices of an organisation with a name like MedTech (I could rewind), while everyone else is engaged in a house meeting. The Doctor is also much cheered with alien tech hidden in the TVs (echoing the cameras Sgt Andy has planted).

Liv and Tania’s relationship has taken off and is as much of a drive behind the story as the tale of Mr Bird, which peters our once he’s discovered. I assume this is really a two-part story with all to be revealed in the next instalment. It’s teasing nicely. In my head I’m trying to equate it to a soap opera (Lisa has written for Eastenders) but I’m not quite there — possibly as I stopped watching soaps quite a few years ago.

I’ll be back after part 4.

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