Doctor Who Stranded 1.2 Wild Animals

Wild Animals

Doctor Who Stranded takes the Eighth Doctor, Liv and Helen from where they left off in Lost Property and reinforces the message — this is not a standard bang crash, in-out adventure. This is real life and it can be a bit mundane. John Dorney takes over writing for Wild Animals. It’s another day near Baker Street…

Love is in the air

Like the previous story, Wild Animals lacks a centre. It’s as much about character and life as it is a good vs evil story. The fan cover focusses on Tania Bell, but for me it’s Liv Chenka around whom the story pivots.

Liv has a job, but a random crime brings problems — cue the Doctor rushing off to solve the crime and save the day. It’s all much to the annoyance of the brilliantly crafted and performed DI Treadwell (Robert Portal). The whole Doctor thread is an excuse for Helen to worry about him and for her to tell him some home truths. Truth be told he has no agency in this story (again) and he is struggling. There’s an amusing meta-irony here as Helen explains how the real world doesn’t involve rushing around saving the universe).

Romance blossoms between Liv and Tania’s and there are many good character moments and some introspection for the Doctor. While not needing as much exposition as Lost Property, this story still maintains the mood. We aren’t yet itching to get back to the science fiction, but narrative needs some adversity and (normally for Doctor Who) and adversary.

I wondering just what various flatmates might be hiding. Only one way to find out!

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