First Sixth Doctor and Peri boxset released

Sixie, Peri and many more!

Big Finish has released the First Sixth Doctor and Peri boxset. Note the use of the word first! The intriguing picture shows: Back — James Parsons (writer), Vivienne Acheampong (Siyanda), Colin Baker (The Doctor), Javone Prince (Kaylin), Hugh Skinner (Erpingham), Front — Nicola Bryant (Peri), Deirdre Mullins (Latimer), Andrew Stirling-Brown (writer). The press release follows.

Sixie and Peri volume 1

They were separated during The Trial of a Time Lord. They were reunited in The Widow’s Assassin back in 2014; now they’re getting a new collection of stories spanning the cosmos.  

In 1999, Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant first reprised their roles as the Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown for the Big Finish audio drama, Doctor WhoWhispers of Terror. While they have starred in over 30 adventures together since, this is their first box set.  

Joining them for this first exciting volume of stories are, among others, Deirdre Mullins (Man Down), Hugh Skinner (W1A), Javone Prince (Horrible Histories), Sarah Douglas (Superman II) and Rosie Baker (actress daughter of Colin, in her first role for Big Finish).  

Doctor Who: The Sixth Doctor and Peri volume one is now available to own as a collector’s edition CD box set (£24.99) or as a download (£19.99), exclusively from

This box set contains four brand new, one-hour adventures:  

The Headless Ones by James Parsons & Andrew Stirling-Brown 

When a distress call from an unknown source threatens to rip the TARDIS from the vortex, the Doctor and Peri arrive in nineteenth-century Africa hoping to find the cause of the disturbance. Instead, they meet a British expedition searching for a long lost tribe: the B’lemyae… better known to the locals as ‘the Headless Ones’. 

Like by Jacqueline Rayner 

On the Earth colony world Rusina, the populace strive to be popular. Likes lead to promotion, dislikes lead to demotion – and more recently, something worse. So when the Doctor investigates the truth behind their subscriber-led society, he finds himself about to become very unpopular indeed. 

The Vanity Trap by Stuart Manning 

Myrna Kendal used to be a Hollywood film star. Now she spends her life reminiscing on chat shows but there is always one unfinished film she refuses to talk about… at least until the TARDIS interrupts a TV interview, and the Doctor and Peri’s appearance stirs up long-forgotten memories. 

Conflict Theory by Nev Fountain 

Concerned by the Doctor’s increasing over-protectiveness, Peri presents him with an ultimatum: either they seek counselling or she leaves the TARDIS permanently. Reluctant to lose one of his closest friends, the Doctor seeks out one of the finest psychoanalysts in the universe: Dr Sigmund Freud. 

Peri actress Nicola Bryant said:

“As always it’s a delight! And it’s very easy to work with my dear friend and colleague Colin Baker. I have been working with him for over half my life – so ‘easy’ is kind of an understatement! 

“I really adore all of these stories. Interesting, complex and diverse. They all tackle the inevitable change between the Sixth Doctor and Peri that would be reflected in the decades they have known each other. What is really interesting is that Peri has grown but of course the Doctor hasn’t changed at all.” 

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