Sixth Doctor top titles from Radio Times poll

Following the Radio Times Fifth Doctor poll, we now have the results from the Sixth Doctor poll. There’s an obvious classic, and a few I wouldn’t have chosen myself. SPOILER — my favourite (possibly) isn’t included. Read the results after the break…

Celestial Toyroom #517 is on its way to DWAS members

Celestial Toyroom #517 is on its way to DWAS members, and while there’s no theme, there is a great range of articles and opinions. There’s a chat with Stuart Douglas about The Black Archive and also a piece about actor Mark Bonnar (and I only just mention him and the Sixth Doctor in this previous…

The Sixth Doctor vs The Eleven

Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor will face Mark Bonnar’s The Eleven in September 2021. The Big Finish press release follows below…

The Sirens of Time is the latest #lockdownload

It’s almost time for the final ever Doctor Who main range title to be released, so what better way to mark the occasion than revisiting the very first story Sirens of Time? Full details of this week’s Big Finish give-away follow…

Double Doctor delight for #lockdownload from Big Finish

Big Finish is pulling out all the stops with two free giveaways for one week only as part of their commitment to supporting fans during lockdown. It’s the Sixth Doctor and Seventh Doctor plus some sale opportunities. Full details follow.

Mind of the Hodiac — ‘lost’ RTD Doctor Who Script comes to audio

If you were watching The One Show on January 18, you’ll know RTD already leaked this, but now we have the official press release confirming details of the audio adaptation of his first ever Doctor Who script. Yes, it’s time for Mind of the Hodiac with the Sixth Doctor and Mel.

The End of the Beginning for the Big Finish main range

The Big Finish main range of Doctor Who stories began with Sirens of Time, a multi-Doctor tale and ends in similar fashion. This time four Doctors as Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann bid farewell to the monthly releases. The release is The End of the Beginning, and is written by Robert…

Fear and Blazing in Doctor Who

As the main range winds down to a close, Big Finish has revealed details for two of the final few releases. It’s outings for the Fifth Doctor and Sixth Doctor in titles scheduled for January and February. Only one more to follow;-(

Sixth Doctor and Peri volume one review

My CultBox review for The Sixth Doctor and Peri volume one is now up: The Sixth Doctor and Peri volume one audio drama review. Bottom line: good but not great and an inauspicious start to the Sixth Doctor‘s run with older Peri. *** Message Ends ***

Doctor Who: The Lovecraft Invasion review on CultBox

My review of Rob Valentine’s The Lovecraft Invasion is now live on CultBox: Doctor Who: The Lovecraft Invasion audio review. Sixie, Flip, Constance and more (including possible new companion Calypso Jonze) in a tale of darkness and danger. +++ Message Ends +++

First Sixth Doctor and Peri boxset released

Big Finish has released the First Sixth Doctor and Peri boxset. Note the use of the word first! The intriguing picture shows: Back — James Parsons (writer), Vivienne Acheampong (Siyanda), Colin Baker (The Doctor), Javone Prince (Kaylin), Hugh Skinner (Erpingham), Front — Nicola Bryant (Peri), Deirdre Mullins (Latimer), Andrew Stirling-Brown (writer). The press release follows.

Two new Doctor Who main range titles revealed

Big Finish has revealed details for the two December 2020 releases: Plight of the Pimpernel and The Grey Man of the Mountain. They bring the Sixth Doctor, Peri, the Seventh Doctor, Ace and the Brigadier for our entertainment. Full press release below.