First Sixth Doctor and Peri boxset released

Big Finish has released the First Sixth Doctor and Peri boxset. Note the use of the word first! The intriguing picture shows: Back — James Parsons (writer), Vivienne Acheampong (Siyanda), Colin Baker (The Doctor), Javone Prince (Kaylin), Hugh Skinner (Erpingham), Front — Nicola Bryant (Peri), Deirdre Mullins (Latimer), Andrew Stirling-Brown (writer). The press release follows.

Flash giveaway on The Maltese Falcon!

If you subscribe to the Big Finish newsletter, check your inbox. They’ve just announced a flash giveaway on the Sixth Doctor and Frobisher story The Maltese Falcon. The deal runs until midnight UK time on April 2rd, 2020. There’s also a chance to get The Quantum Possibility Engine for 50% off! If you haven’t subscribed,…

The Crimes of Thomas Brewster review

A mere nine years after listening to and enjoying The Crimes of Thomas Brewster I thought it overdue a review. It’s what I call a jigsaw puzzle story – it brings together many threads from across the Big Finish Doctor Who main range and even starts one of its own. It’s also one of those…

Blood on Santa’s Claw review

I wasn’t too enthused by the 2019 Sixth Doctor and Peri trilogy; this Christmas collection, Blood on Santa’s Claw and Other Stories I found rather good. Sixie, Peri plus boyfriend, new writers and Nev Fountain. It’s a treat from first to last. Four stories with a Christmas connection – let’s dive in!