Doctor Who Main Range 101 – 150 end of print sale

Big Finish has announced Doctor Who main range 101 – 150 are going out of print, moving to download only. I’ve got then all, reviewed many of them here on Red Rocket Rising; I thought I’d make a few recommendations…

Absolution to Recorded Time

Here’s some I either really like or are important stories in terms of Big Finish continuity:

  • The Girl Who Never Was – an important moment with Charley leaving the Eighth Doctor in Singapore
  • The Condemned – cue Charley back with the Sixth Doctor! Enter DI Menzies
  • Judgement of Isskar / Destroyer of Delights / The Chaos Pool – teh Fifth Doctor, the Tracer Twins and the Key2Time
  • Angel of Scutari – Ace, Hex and the Seventh Doctor linking the black and white TARDIS arc to everything else
  • Company of Friends – get this at all costs, Mary Sheller, Eighth Doctor, Benny, Izzy and Fitz
  • Blue Forgotten Planet – Charley leaves the Doctor. Again
  • Survival of the Fittest – gets the excellent Klein’s Story
  • Architects of History – just brilliant again (just get the whole Klein Trilogy)
  • Project Destiny – the Forge and Hex. Wow!
  • A Death in the Family – a classic. No debate.
  • Crimes of Thomas Brewster – welcome Flip
  • Robophobia – welcome Liv Chenka!

That’s a quick list. I could have added more and I’m struck by how much excellent material there is to listen to here. Enjoy!

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