Careful with the Christmas Tree

As we all know (eg from The Christmas Invasion), Christmas can be a deadly time for the Doctor and those around him. This picture of Amy Pond (shamelessly borrowed from the twitter feed of Doctor Who News) shows just how dangerous Christmas can be — careful decorating those trees! *** Message Ends ***

Is Rose really the best companion ever?

The Radio Times recently ran a competition to vote for the best companion ever. The title was won by Rose Tyler who narrowly beat Cpt Jack (also introduced in the Ninth Doctor era). Full details of her victory are here: Rose Tyler triumphs in Doctor Who Companion Champion.

The Key2Time trilogy

2009 began with the Key2Time trilogy (instead of Key to Time which had been done or Key 2 Time which is just plain silly). This Fifth Doctor trilogy consists of The Judgement of Isskar (Simon Guerrier), The Destroyer of Delights (Jonathan Clements) and The Chaos Pool (Peter Anghelides). There is also a Seventh Doctor / Ace Companion Chronicle that fits into this called The…