Listen to The Company of Friends

Every month, Big Finish reduces a title substantially, and this month it’s the superb 2009 main range title Company of Friends. Reduced to £2.99 (UK price) it’s a bargain and highly recommended. It consists of four Eighth Doctor stories, each with a different companion. Each is interesting, and (in my humble &c &c) one is a must have purchase, even if merely for the tremendous cast. You need no background in any of the characters to enjoy it. For more information: LISTEN AGAIN – DOCTOR WHO: THE COMPANY OF FRIENDS FOR £2.99.

Now, let’s talk about friends…

The Company of Friends

First up is Benny’s Story by Lance Parkin, and Lisa Bowerman has her only (so far) audio appearance with Paul McGann’s Doctor. It’s an all too brief story with some archaeology and the TARDIS key. There’s huge chemistry between the stars and it’s a solid start to the set. I had heard very little of Benny when I heard this, but this made no difference.

Next is Stephen Cole’s Fitz’s Story. When I heard this I had no real idea of the character of Fitz Kreiner (I have since read some of the books), which didn’t stop me enjoying Matt di Angelo as he helps the Doctor sort out the intriguing Alien Defence Incorporated.

Third is Izzy’s story. Confession: I hardly read the various (many) Doctor Who comics and have little interest in them, and the Stockbridge connection also passes me by. I understand Izzy is a popular figure and Alan Barnes sets this fun tale in the context of comics themselves. I do admire Jemima Rooper’s work as an actor, and she does put a lot into this story.

Fourth, and far from last, is Jonathan Morris’s close to perfect Mary’s Story. It introduced Mary Shelley (Julie Cox) and is worth the £2.99 on it’s own. I reviewed this story in its own right here: Welcoming Ms Goodwin, and still wish the one trilogy of adventures wasn’t the sum total of her presence in the Big Finish ranges.

So, to sum it up, buy it now, listen to it and enjoy. Feel free to pop back and tell me what you thought!

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