The Unofficial 1972 Doctor Who Annual

Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1972Here’s another unofficial Doctor Who project (the clue’s in the title): The unofficial 1972 Doctor Who AnnualThe link is to the FaceBook page and I really like the groovy (do people still say that?) cover and the strap-line: ‘Somewhere in the multiverse, its always 1972’

As the FaceBook page explains:

The Doctor Who 1972 annual is a fan produced homage to those old Dr Who annuals originally produced by ‘World Distributors’. Before there was VHS, before there was DVDs. Fans would eagerly await the yearly arrival of the Doctors new adventures, in many ways very different to those that played out on screen. However for the Xmas of 1971, no such adventures arrived.

It’s all about the Third Doctor, Jo and UNIT, and while submissions were requested, it might be about full by now. It’s worth looking out for though.

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