Liv Chenka

First appearing in the July 2011 Big Finish release Doctor Who Adventure 149 – Robophobia, Liv Chenka is a med-tech serving aboard the robot transport ship Lorelei. Here amidst what appears to be a revolt by some of the many, many 1000s of robots on-board   intent on murder and destruction, Liv has to come to terms with the deaths of people she cared about. She also has to cope with the increasingly frustrating behaviour of one who calls himself The Doctor.

Why the acclaim?

Simple really – the performance both when moved to emotion and in general is superb. The character has range of expression and displays both vulnerability and trust.

Liv is manipulated by the Doctor throughout this tale and manages to recognise it, question it and go with it. More than becoming an extension of the Doctor’s will, Liv is recognisably a distinct individual made more so by the talented Nicola Walker (her of Spooks!).

Chances of a return

In the extras Nicola does mention how much she would like to come back. Given that the Seventh Doctor has just collected someone called Raine in the Lost Stories I don’t know, but let’s say at least 50:50

Update 2014

I got this one right – Nicola Walker returns as Liv Chenka in Dark Eyes 2.

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