Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 7 Volume 2 review

Another huge slice of Tom Baker Fourth Doctor goodness in the form of The Fourth Doctor Adventures SERIES 07 VOLUME 2, gave us Leela, and stories by Justin Richards, Dan Starkey and Guy Adams. My thoughts are over on CultBox: Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Adventures: Series 7 Volume 2 review. +++ Message Ends +++

The Authentic Experience review

As it happens, I was in studio when Dan Starkey’s Short Trips: The Authentic Experience was recorded. My first impressions (and I mean first, this was the opening scene) of this great Sixth Doctor and Peri story were: Wow: I wish I’d thought of that Wow: isn’t Nicola Bryant an amazing voice artist? From memory director Lisa Bowerman and…

Charlotte Pollard Series Two review on Cultbox

I reviewed the long-awaited Charlotte Pollard Series Two over on CultBox. It’s an imaginative set of stories for India Fisher’s character written by Nick Briggs with James Joyce returning as Robert Buchan and Dan Starkey as the rogue Viyran. It is very different from previous Charley stories and Nick has painted a very different world as he…

Learn the Science of the Time Lords!

The National Space Centre in Leicester are holding an event titled Science of the Time Lords, the weekend of January 28/29 2017. It looks like a great line up of events and guests include Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Nicola Bryant and Sophie Aldred (and tons more, including Dan Starkey and Terry Molloy). *** Message Ends ***

Diary of River Song 2

Diary of River Song Series 2 review

The Diary of River Song Series 2 sneaked into the December 2016 release schedule to add to our Christmas fun, and what a pleasure it was. Better in many ways than Series 1, this time River meets two classic era Doctors, the sixth and the seventh. This means more confusion, memory manipulation and adventure! Next stop,…