Merry Christmas from Bernice Summerfield!

Bernice Summerfield The Christmas Collection

It’s early Christmas greetings from Big Finish with news of a Bernice Summerfield collection! Press release below…

Merry Christmas Professor Summerfield

It’s time to get into the Christmas spirit! An audio anthology of seasonal short stories performed by Professor Bernice Summerfield herself is due for release in December. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Big Finish. As we head towards the yuletide season, it’s time to sit back with a warm drink in our hands and some first-class festive tales in our ears. Join the first lady of Big Finish, Lisa Bowerman, for a selection box of stories excavated from the adventures of the greatest interstellar archaeologist this universe – or any other – has ever known.  

Bernice Summerfield: The Christmas Collection is now available to pre-order as a download only for just £9.99, exclusively from  

Christmas… Advent… Midwinter Festival… Spiriting… No matter what you call it on your home planet, this magical holiday at the end of the year, when the nights are dark, and the lights are sparkly, is the perfect time for telling stories… 
And who doesn’t have a tale or two to tell about Christmas? Certainly not Benny.  
Did she ever tell you about the time she had to escape from a herd of rampaging battle-armoured cyborg reindeer? Or the time she had to convince three tentacled young sea creatures that she was the real Santa? Or the time she nearly let an evil deity back into the world just in time for New Year…  

The ten Christmas crackers in this collection are:   

·        Collector’s Item by Eddie Robson 

·        Santa Benny at the Bottom of the Sea by Simon Guerrier 

·        Tap by Mark Clapham  

·        Glory to the Reborn King by Matthew Griffiths 

·        Signifiers of the Verphidiae by Tim Gambrell  

·        The Frosted Deer by Sophie Iles 

·        Vistavision by Victoria Simpson  

·        Wise Women by Q 

·        Null Ziet by Scott Harrison  

·        Bernice Summerfield and the Christmas Adventure by Xanna Eve Chown 

Producer Xanna Eve Chown said: “Fans both old and new will enjoy this collection; new fans because each story works as a stand-alone, so there is no need to worry about any complicated back story if you want to dip in; and old fans, because these ten stories are collected from all across Benny’s eventful life, from St Oscar’s to the Braxiatel Collection, to Legion and even in the Unbound Universe…”

Bernice Summerfield: The Christmas Collection is now available to pre-order on download for just £9.99, exclusively from the Big Finish website. 

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