Cultbox reviews from August 2015

Doctor-Who-Colin-BakerA bit of a feast of Doctor Who reviews / notes over on CultBox covering five releases. They’ve been split into two articles to make it easier to digest (keeping the meal theme going!).


First up the regular monthly titles are in: ‘Doctor Who’ audio play reviews round-up: Out in August 2015 from Big FinishThis gives some thoughts on:

  • Return to Telos — Nick Briggs’s Fourth Doctor, Leela, Second Doctor and Jamie Cyberman story
  • The Warehouse Mike Tuckers’s The WarehouseSeventh Doctor and Mel story I really liked
  • Foreshadowing — Julian Richards treats us to an India Fisher read story of the Eighth Doctor
  • This is Colin Baker — Nick Briggs interviews Sixie himself.

Then the early release of The Sixth Doctor — The Last Adventure gets its own article: ‘Doctor Who’ audio boxset review: ‘The Sixth Doctor – The Last Adventure’This is a story leading to the regeneration of Colin Baker’s Doctor thanks to the Valeyard. It treats us to a Paul Morris & Simon Barnard story for Constance Clarke; an Alan Barnes Charley Pollard story; a Matt Fitton Jago & Litefoot and Flip epic; and finally Nick Briggs and Mel see it through to the bitter end.

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