The Legacy of Frobisher and Abslom Daak

Tucked away at the back of the latest Tiny Rebel Games Doctor Who Legacy newsletter, under the feature piece on the Director’s Cut of The Husbands of River Song is a titbit of information that will send certain fans into paroxysms of delight:

Frobisher and Abslom Daak are coming to Legacy!

Frobisher and Abslom Daak?

This is a bit of an acid test for assessing how much of a fan you are. The TARDIS wikia has you covered:

  • Frobisher: the penguin shaped companion of the Sixth Doctor from Doctor Who Magazine. I don’t really get the whole penguin thing as I wasn’t a reader of the magazine at the time. His few audio appearances haven’t convinced me, though a recent review of an anniversary comic special has left me better informed
  • Abslom Daak: as someone who doesn’t really do Doctor Who comics, Abslom Daak has always looked like a 2000 AD crossover to me, and in a good way.

What this does do is reinforce the amount of comic crossover in the game. Oh well, two more companions to collect!

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