The Legacy of UNIT

Gwen Cooper legacyIt’s June so it’s daily Doctor Who Legacy UNIT levels. We’ve had an updated client released (with its own bug causing some characters to duplicate) and this allows us to get daily updates with special levels aka the UNIT Daily Missions. So far the first of these has been a renamed Chapter 1 level, The Snowmen: Backstreets of London.

The level seems to be unchanged barring dropping some fragments of the past crystals. No new foe, no special artwork, nothing except a little banner with the word DAILY. It needs to get more exciting, still only day 1.

Elsewhere in the latest newsletter we have the Gwen Cooper artwork, so I assume she will drop soon. In the last week we had an Expert Professor River Song (Gold with poison power) as well as the three DWM characters Shayde, Frobisher and Abslom Daak. So the game keeps moving along, but for me needs to have more basics (ie more chapters from modern Who, never mind the so-called classic.

Wait and see, I guess!

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