Legacy 3.0: First impression? Disappointment

Legacy 3 Zygon imageSo Doctor Who Legacy 3.0 was released overnight (UK time) and my first impressions are disappointment. First up I have the iOS bug whereby I can’t buy the new levels, either Kids or Sonic Adventures. I also think the app is running very slowly on my iPAD mini, much slower than before. My main thought after a quick once over is could do better.


[pullquote]I’d rather like some new free content[/pullquote]

After all this time, there is no new free content at all; no new features apart from the cracks in time, no new level cap (coming next week) and no new content. If I want the Sonic Adventures or Kids levels, I have to pay. I know the team from Tiny Rebel Games need money, but I don’t see a lot of progress towards covering the whole of Doctor Who. As I said before, they appear to be distracted by the reality of having to make money, and new content seems to be overlooked. We are promised more Expert Levels soon – I’d rather like some new free content for normal play.

I can’t unlock the new levels and the price is non-trivial if I could: £3.83 for the kids is OK, but with £7.68 for Sonic Adventures and it starts to add up. No doubt I’ll get them but it isn’t something I just do without pause.

On the plus side I do like the artwork, particularly for the Kids levels.

What do you think? Are you still playing? Are you happy to spend the money? Let me know!

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