Legacy – Director’s Cut of Husbands of River Song reviewed

Legacy Husbands of River SongOne day later than planned we now have another premium pack for Doctor Who Legacy and my immediate reaction is one of being underwhelmed. There are some positives and I am probably not target audience (I want more Big Finish companions, classic companions and classic content).

Nevertheless it seems to me Tiny Rebel Games are yet again having to focus on the financial reality of running a popular multi-platform game (android, iOS and FaceBook) and this is at the expense of ambition to cover the whole of the show’s history.

The Director’s Cut of the Diary of River song

For my investment of a couple of pounds ($2.99 it rises to $3.99 next week), I get a handful of levels and not even two hours playing time. My reward is some costumes (I’m not very interested in these) and yet more companions only ever seen once. The sonic trowel has a stun power, the two Hydroflax with Nardole/ Ramone head companions have decent convert any colour to blue/ red. The Ramone companion does the not very exciting remove cross. The final level isn’t even a level, just a lot of artwork and two free time crystals.

[pullquote]the new art work is rather gorgeous[/pullquote]

Yes the new art work is rather gorgeous (and some of it already available online). The various levels can drop Strands of Time but I prefer the Halloween 2015 level in the fan area for that.

This looks destined to be rarely played by me, along with Sonic Adventures. Thoughts?

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