Subscriber Short Trips 2013 reviewed

Subscriber Short Trips 2013Yet more attention to the Subscriber Short Trips (SSTs) with 2013 falling under the spotlight. In terms of production, these are a mixed bag. The first two are read by Stephen Critchlow the second two by John Banks. The first three are around 35-45 minutes long, with the final being just under 30 minutes.

There are also varying amounts of post-production (ie sound effects) and even title music / credits.

The 2013 Subscriber Short Trips

Alice Cavender (who wrote the 2015 SST Caves of Erith) provides the first story, The Young Lions. This is an Eighth Doctor and Lucie Miller story; it is obvious when listening as to why Alice was chosen to write a new Short Trip for Sheridan Smith to perform as here Lucie’s character and style of speech are captured to a T. Its also a good story concerning aliens, genetic manipulation and the village green. This could easily have been an Eight Doctor Adventure.

Rob Nisbet, [he wrote 2011’s Intuition], wrote the dark and spooky Crystal Ball. This concerns séances and mysterious goings on (and even a reference to Brighton!) in a story of yet another alien threat. The hero of the day is the Seventh Doctor ably assisted by Ace and the use of McCoy’s Doctor fits the story well.

George Mann gave us Methusaleh a story for Peri and the Fifth Doctor. Here a trip into history leads the Doctor to the very far future while Peri has to deal with a local madman. As is often the way with these stories, particularly at this running time, it does feel as though this story could have easily been turned into a main range release.

The year ended with Dan Abnett’s Tweaker a tale of the geekier side of record collecting and hi-fi for the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa. I liked the tone of the story and the use of a main character who was deeply suspicious of the Doctor’s motives. At 28 minutes I did feel the resolution was over too soon and Nyssa was only really in the story to allow the Doctor to explain the back-story to her as the story ended.

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