Gallery of Ghouls review on CultBox

My review for the Fourth Doctor adventure Gallery of Ghouls by Alan Barnes is now live on CultBox. It is part of the May 2016 monthly round-up. The story features Romana and Madame Tissot (Celia Imrie). It is also set in Brighton (something of a favourite for the Doctor). — Message Ends —

Subscriber Short Trips 2013 reviewed

Yet more attention to the Subscriber Short Trips (SSTs) with 2013 falling under the spotlight. In terms of production, these are a mixed bag. The first two are read by Stephen Critchlow the second two by John Banks. The first three are around 35-45 minutes long, with the final being just under 30 minutes. There are also…

TARDIS library hits Brighton beach

The so-called Little TARDIS Library arrived on Brighton beach on Sunday 6 September 2015, a little early for series 9 but a welcome sight for would be readers. This is part of a charity project to get children reading, and can be followed on FaceBook.

Jago & Litefoot – series 4 reviewed

March 2012 brought the return of Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter in Jago & Litefoot Series 4. Once again aided by Ellie Higson (Lisa Bowerman) and Sgt Quick this time they are faced with the malevolent machinations of Kempston and Hardwick. As if that wasn’t enough they also encounter the mysterious Professor Claudius Dark (Colin Baker)! Fortunately…

Cuddlesome on SoundCloud

You may or may not know but Big Finish have start dabbling with the use of SoundCloud. At the moment (October 2012) it is mostly for podcasts but they have posted one of the free podcasts that were on the main website in August 2011.

The Cheeky Chappie

So, my listening finally hits a tale that is frequently slated on the Big Finish forums, that of the Cheeky Chappie Mr. Max Miller himself, that dapper denizen of Brighton and his meeting with the equally flamboyantly dressed Sixth Doctor. Yes I am talking about none other than Pier Pressure, the Robert Ross tale (who also write Medicinal Purposes and Assassin…