Doctor Who: Still Life review

If you subscribe to the main range of Big Finish Doctor Who stories, please don’t forget to check for the free Subscriber Short Trips. If your subscription includes An Alien Werewolf in London, you can (by way of example) also listen to the Max Curtis story, Still Life.

Doctor Who: Loud and Proud review

Alongside The Kamelion Empire, March 2019 saw the release of the free (to main range subscribers) Subscriber Short Trips: Loud and Proud. It’s a Sixth Doctor and Mel story written by Andrew Allen. It’s well worth a listen so don’t forget to download and give it a whirl (not via the app as of time…

Tenth Doctor: The Creeping Death review

The Creeping Death is the Roy Gill, third story in The Tenth Doctor Adventures. It’s an historical story though one following the usual aliens on Earth in the past trope. It’s also rather good and the only one of the set to be released on vinyl. Let’s have a chat…

Tuesday is coming this December!

December 2018 sees my Subscriber Short Trips story Tuesday released. It’s free for subscribers with both Muse of Fire and The Hunting Ground. In case you don’t know, it’s an Eighth Doctor story with Harry Sullivan. Don’t forget to download it and let me know what you think! +++ Message Ends +++

The Smallest Battle review

Free with the September 2018 Doctor Who Main Range release The Dispossed from Big Finish is the Stephen Osbourne Subscriber Short Trips: The Smallest Battle. It’s an absorbing story for the Fourth Doctor and Leela as they find themselves on a war-torn world, trying to make a difference.

Taken for Granted review

The Short Trips Subscriber release for the Big Finish Doctor Who main range June 2018 release Iron Bright was Taken for Granted by Ian Hidewell. It’s read by Stephen Critchlow and centres on a day in the life of Jo Grant. Jo thinks today will be like any other day, but sinister forces have their own agenda. A sequence…

Mission Improbable review

It’s a welcome return to the Doctor Who Subscriber Short Trips for Chris Wing (who wrote Bletchington Station). Free with Serpent in the Silver Mask is Mission Improbable, a Sixth Doctor and Evelyn Smythe adventure, read (with his usual style) by Stephen Critchlow.

Helmstone released!

My Subscriber Short Trips story Helmstone is released today with either / both of Septembers Doctor Who main range titles The Silurian Candidate and Time in Office. It’s a First Doctor and Steven Taylor story read by Stephen Critchlow. Don’t forget to download it from your account, and please let me know what you think. There’s a discussion thread on The Divergent Universe…

Torchwood: Aliens Among Us 1 review

So, we now have the first set of Torchwood stories set in what would have been (so we are informed) the fifth series of the TV show. Heavily informed by Children of Earth and ignoring (so far, and I hope permanently) Miracle Day, this is a Phoenix like rebirth in the city of Cardiff and more than just a set…

Short Trips Collector’s Item review

If you subscribe to the Big Finish main range and your sub includes the March 2017 release Zaltys, please don’t forget to download Paul J Salmoff’s Subscriber Short Trips story Collector’s Item. Stephen Critchlow reads this Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith story and it’s a great piece of entertainment.

Torchwood: Visiting Hours review

Season 3 of Big Finish Torchwood kicks off in style with Nerys Hughes and Kai Owen as mother and son Brenda and Rhys Williams in David Llewellyn’s Visiting Hours. The standard of entertainment and production is as high as ever, and this season promises to match the high standards set already.

The Christmas Dimension review on Cultbox

December 2016 brought us a vast array of Doctor Who goodness, and main range subscribers also got their free Subscriber Short Trips story, The Christmas Dimension. This is a Rob Nisbet story for the Third Doctor, read by Stephen Critchlow and also featuring Liz Shaw. It’s a fun seasonal offering, reviewed over on Cultbox as part of the mega-review: Big Finish’s…