The Shrine of Sorrows reviewed

Free with the September 2016 release The Maker of Demons, is the delightful story The Shrine of Sorrows by Julian Richards. It’s a Seventh Doctor  and Ace story read by Stephen Critchlow and yet again demonstrates that free doesn’t mean you don’t get a great story.

Tuesday is coming!

Big Finish has recorded more Subscriber Short Trips; I draw attention to December 2018: Tuesday by Tony Jones (Eighth Doctor, Harry Sullivan, read by Stephen Critchlow) !!! Message Ends !!!

More Subscriber Short Trips recorded

Big Finish has just recorded more Subscriber Short Trips and updated the list of titles. These now run until September 2017. Neil Gardner directed, Ian Atkins produced and Stephen Critchlow took the reading honours. I was in studio with fellow writer Nic Ford whose Monkey Planet will be the next released in June 2016. My own First Doctor and…

The Horror at Bletchington Station reviewed

Chris Wing kick off 2016’s Subscriber Short Trips with The Horror at Bletchington Station, a story for the First Doctor and Dodo, as read by Stephen Critchlow. Chris previously wrote The Final Star a story appearing in the 2008 collection Short Trips: How the Doctor Changed My Life. A long overdue return…

Subscriber Short Trips 2010 reviewed

My wander back through the Big Finish Subscriber Short Trips hits 2010 and four more great Doctor Who stories to enjoy. Four authors, three readers, four Doctors and six companions (and some UNIT pseudo-companions) — you spoil us! Excitement aside, are these worth a listen? Short answer, yes; long answer…

Subscriber Short Trips 2011 reviewed

The 2011 Subscriber Short Trips are a varied set of interesting stories by a range of authors and readers. [Note – the stories were re-aligned to make sure each quarter had a specific story. They didn’t necessarily appear in this order at the time for the earlier years.] Let’s get on with the reviews!

Subscriber Short Trips 2012 reviewed

My peruse of the Subscriber Short Trips range hits 2012. Four stories, first and last read by John Banks, second and third by Stephen Critchlow. We have the usual mix of Doctors and companions and plenty to enjoy.

Subscriber Short Trips 2013 reviewed

Yet more attention to the Subscriber Short Trips (SSTs) with 2013 falling under the spotlight. In terms of production, these are a mixed bag. The first two are read by Stephen Critchlow the second two by John Banks. The first three are around 35-45 minutes long, with the final being just under 30 minutes. There are also…

Subscriber Short Trips 2014 reviewed

More attention for the Subscriber Short Trips releases as I take a listen to the four stories provided to main range subscribers in 2014. Covering four different incarnations of the Doctor, the first three are read by Hugh Ross, the fourth by Stephen Critchlow. Running times are from around twenty minutes and up. This is…

Subscriber Short Trips 2015 reviewed

It has been pointed out to me that reviewers don’t give the Subscriber Short Trips much attention. In the first of an occasional campaign I turn the spotlight on these free (to subscribers) and perfectly formed stories. This batch were all read by Stephen Critchlow.

Jago & Litefoot & Strax – The Haunting reviewed

We’ve had the first all-new modern-Who series from Big Finish (UNIT-Extinction), now we get the first crossover from modern to old with Justin Richards’s tale Jago & Litefoot & Strax – The Haunting. This means the regular Jago & Litefoot crew (including Ellie and Inspector Quick) get to meet the well-dressed if strange-looking Mr Strax. Strax…