Subscriber Short Trips 2012 reviewed

Subscriber Short Trips 2012My peruse of the Subscriber Short Trips range hits 2012. Four stories, first and last read by John Banks, second and third by Stephen Critchlow. We have the usual mix of Doctors and companions and plenty to enjoy.

The stories

James Moran wrote BreadcrumbsFourth Doctor and Romana II story. It’s amusing and presents a very identifiable Romana (in my mind around the period of City of Death) and explores their relationship. It also gives a sense of the Doctor’s dependency on others as the Doctor investigates a mysterious signal, a quest distracting him from the chance to take a holiday. James also wrote the TV episode Fires of Pompeii and two Torchwood stories, along with several prose stories and also a 2011 Subscriber Short Trips (Critical Mass).

Rob Nisbet (who wrote 2013’s Crystal Ball) puts the Sixth Doctor centre-stage in a Intuition. This is a fascinating story of a mysterious holiday site were intuition is the order of the day and waiters know what you want before you order it. A trail of clues leads to a poignant encounter with a trapped alien. Melanie Bush has a minor part, mostly to allow the Doctor to explain things.

David Bartlett takes the Fifth Doctor and Peri to A Room With No View. In this room they face a threat in the form of a scientist determined not to die. The mood is spooky and for the most part this is a satisfying treat, though the end is a little bit straightforward, though Stephen Critchlow breathes plenty of drama into his reading.

Andy Lane drew 2012 to a close with Only Connect. In this story we find out what the Fourth Doctor does between adventures, and have a very important cup of tea. This is a curious beast yet my favourite of the four. There is not really a story here, instead someone home from work bumps into the Doctor, has a cup of tea and a long chat then goes home to reflect on how everything is joined up and his tiny part of history. It adds lots of things to the canon, none of which I’ve seen explored elsewhere and manages to be entirely captivating

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