Jago joins the Paternoster Gang for Christmas 2020!

It’s a one-off rather than a regular occurrence, but there can only be so many mysteries to go round even in Victorian London! As part of Paternoster Gang: Heritage 4, Henry Gordon Jago will be helping Mme Vastra, Jenny and Strax! It’s also a Christmas story!

Paternoster Gang: Heritage 3 & 4

Here are some details from the press release:

Volume three contains three brand new stories:  

  • Family Matters by Lisa McMullin 
  • Whatever Remains by Robert Valentine  
  • Truth and Bone by Roy Gill 

Script editor, Matt Fitton, said:

“In Heritage 3, events step up another gear, and we start to realise what the overall threat of the series might be. Issues of heritage and family are to the fore for each of our Paternoster trio: Jenny faces her past, Strax finds himself ‘requisitioned’ back into the Sontaran army, and Vastra discovers a relic from prehistory, which inspires her to seek out more.” 

And in volume four, the intrepid intergalactic trio will be joining forces with none other than esteemed theatrical impresario, Henry Gordon Jago, played with vim and vigour by veteran Doctor Who actor, Christopher Benjamin.

Merry Christmas Mr Jago, by Paul Morris, is a seasonal adventure featuring a Christmas gift that isn’t quite what it seems.

At the moment, Heritage 4 is showing an October release date, so an early piece of festive fun. Note also Robert Valentine (Springheel’d Jack, Red Moon makes) makes his Big Finish writing debut as well.

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