Paternoster Gang: Heritage 4 review on Cultbox

I reviewed Paternoster Gang: Heritage 4 for Cultbox, and I have to be up front and say I didn’t feel this set worked very well, and failed to deliver on the potential of the series as a whole. Even Henry Gordon Jago wasn’t able to bring this to life and the stories failed to deliver…

Full details for Paternoster Gang: Heritage 4

Big Finish has released more information for the release of Paternoster Gang: Heritage 4, due later this month (October 2020). It may only just be autumn, but no fear, Christmas is coming! Full details below…

The Paternoster Gang: Heritage 3 review on CultBox

My review of The Paternoster Gang: Heritage 3 is now live on CultBox: The Paternoster Gang: Heritage 3 audio review. In my view it’s the strongest in this range so far and a good Big Finish debut for Robert Valentine (whose second release Shadow of the Sun is out now!). +++ Message Ends +++

Paternoster Heritage 3 details released

Big Finish has released details for the May 2020 release Paternoster Heritage 3. Yes, it’s the return of Vastra, Strax and Jenny for three more capers in Victorian London. Remain calm, human scum! Everyone’s favourite Victorian crime-fighting trio are back to solve mysteries, crack cases and, if all else fails, obliterate everything with acid grenades. We even…

Jago joins the Paternoster Gang for Christmas 2020!

It’s a one-off rather than a regular occurrence, but there can only be so many mysteries to go round even in Victorian London! As part of Paternoster Gang: Heritage 4, Henry Gordon Jago will be helping Mme Vastra, Jenny and Strax! It’s also a Christmas story!

Paternoster Gang: Heritage 2 review on CultBox

As I said earlier, I enjoyed Paternoster Gang: Heritage 2 and I put a review together for Cultbox. It’s The Paternoster Gang: Heritage 2 review. Snappy title or what! >>> Message Ends <<<

The Paternoster Gang – some thoughts

I’ve now listened to the second volume of stories, Paternoster Gang: Heritage 2 and while I’m no closer to understanding why heritage, I do feel the series is finding its feet. I’ve several thoughts about the structure of the boxsets so far and what I particularly think works. I share them below…

Paternoster Gang Heritage 1: CultBox Review

As I said when I put some thoughts together on Paternoster Gang Heritage 1, I would do a full review. That review is on CultBox: The Paternoster Gang: Heritage 1 review. ((( Message Ends )))

Paternoster Gang: Heritage 1 thoughts

I’ve just finished Paternoster Gang: Heritage 1 and thought I’d capture some observations (review coming). These should be pretty much spoiler free, at least regards content, though you may wish to come back to this if you’ve not heard the boxset yet.

The 8th of March review

The Big Finish 2019 International Women’s Day release was The Eighth of March, with four stories, women writers, director and a full range of well-liked women from across the Doctor Who universe. The motif of the 8th of March is in each tale as an anchor; beyond that no big arc or other distraction. As…

At last! The Paternoster Gang comes to Big Finish!

It won’t be a surprise as such (we’ve seen all the players converging on this), but Big Finish has announced a four boxset run for the Paternoster Gang! Why it wasn’t announced at Big Finish Day, who knows! Catrin Stewart, Neve McIntosh and Dan Starkey are all back for Paternoster Gang – Heritage. Each boxset…