Genesis of Davros

wallpaper-genesis-of-the-daleksIt’s forty years since Genesis of the Daleks saw an anguished Fourth Doctor debate the ultimate act of genocide and decline the opportunity [picture is taken from a free download from Daryl Joyce]. According to one source (ok The Mirror) the opening story of the next Twelfth Doctor season owes more than a little to this classic adventure.

Ware the spoilers…

The first meeting with Davros

According to From Doctor Who to Doctor Evil: Time Lord Peter Capaldi set for child murder storyline the new series will kick off with the Twelfth Doctor arriving back on Skaro during the Kaled / Thal wars. He meets a young Davros (presumably pre-injury) and has the opportunity to kill him and averting the creation of the Daleks. Gripping stuff if true!

For more recent fans of the show who haven’t scoured the back-catalogue yet, you might find this piece from Dorf Johnson on DoctorWhoTV interesting: GENESIS OF THE DALEKS: 40 YEARS ON.


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