R3 guide to playing Doctor Who Legacy

Doctor Who LegacyCalling this a guide to the game Doctor Who Legacy might be an over-statement. I play the game a fair bit when commuting and thought I’d put down a few things I have picked up. If there’s interest I will add further.

This is not a guide to the levels, nor is it a set of walkthroughs – these all exist elsewhere. It is a note of several things I’ve done wrong, some general tips and some suggestions for playing style. Feel free to ignore / critique / suggest alternatives.

I present the guide as a set a lessons – this is to organise my thinking, not to suggest they come in any order, other than the first lesson should come first.

Lesson One – Read the *** manual

There are lots of sources of basic information, many listed on the Community Guides page.

I dived straight in when I first downloaded the game and made many mistakes. If I had read the most basic of guides I would have enjoyed the game even more! Here are my most embarrassing mistakes:

  • Match five or more gems and the damage hits every target. This is really basic and it took me weeks before I bothered to read up. Until then I was forever puzzled as to why some attacks hit everything and most didn’t!
  • The perks are important – Drop Rate Enhance makes a colour of gem fall more frequently during play. It does not make that colour time fragment occur more often!
  • Move Time Increase does what is says, an extra second for each move. I misunderstood and thought that it applied to timed levels only. 

As I said, read the *** manual, ever word! I made some really basic errors!

Lesson two – spend some money on the fan area

This is a simple decision – to play this game properly I suggest you need to open the fan area. Yes it costs a bit of money, but you will play this game for dozens (hundreds?!) of hours. This gives lots of benefits:

  • No in-game adverts
  • More money for Tiny Rebel Games to support their ambition to do the whole of the show
  • Access to some great levels (more in another post)
  • Access to some great fan characters

Lesson three – work out your playing style

There are various ways to pick your teams; at first I just played random characters and had no strategy. this is a good way to learn the strengths of the various characters / skills but will ultimately not be as rewarding as picking a style and making it work. My preferred style is all characters of one colour as this means you get some phenomenal damages when you get the gems lined up.

There are other choice – high hit point, high heal, niche power such as stun or poison, and I use them all certain situations. Whatever works for you will help you get better and gain more fragments / characters / levels and have more fun.

What’s next?

I will do some separate posts on perks / fan area / teams that work for me if there is interest. Let me know!

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