Capaldi crashes Big Finish continuity

Capaldi talks companionsPeter Capaldi is talking to some young fans about companions in a clip just released by the BBC: Doctor Who: Who were the Doctor’s favourite companions?Sadly his comments have some consequences for Big Finish continuity…

I assume you’ve watched the clip in the link? NO? Well hurry up! That’s better.

Off the cuff Capaldi talks Clara and Susan. All very good except what does he say about Susan? I promised I would go to see her. I never did.

This almost says he never saw Susan again after Dalek Invasion of Earth and we might be pleased to have Dimensions in Time made less canon. What about Big Finish? What about An Earthly Child, and the various Eighth Doctor Adventure stories where he certainly did go back to see Susan?

Obviously this is an ad hoc conversation not the Twelfth Doctor talking in a broadcast episode; even so, maybe Mr Briggs could have a word next time they meet?!

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