Iris returns!

irisFans of Iris Wildthyme had every reason to imagine they might never hear Katy Manning reprise the role of their favourite trans-temporal adventuress. Paul Magrs has been busy with the release of some great Brenda and Effie stories over at bafflegab and all looked lost. The imminent release of The Worlds of Big Finish offered some succour but would that be enough for the fans?

Worry not, only this weekend, Big Finish has announced Iris Wildthyme Reloadedeight new short tales for Iris and a new companion Captain Turner (Geoffrey Breton). Stories include a Scorchies tale from James Goss, a Paul Magrs finale, Cavan Scott contributions and Scott Handcock (director). The cast includes Lisa Bowerman, Tracey Childs, Lizzie Hopley, Nicola Bryant and David Warner.

Hopefully this new format will kick off a new era for Iris. We shall see!

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