More Iris on download

Big Finish has announced the availability of two more Iris Wildthyme releases on download. The press release follows.

More Iris Wildthyme coming in 2021

Big Finish has announced a fistful of Paul Magrs audiobooks, three of which feature Iris Wildthyme. Look forward to hearing Katy Manning and Louise Jameson later this year. The press release is below…

Iris Wildthyme live!

As part of G’day of the Doctor a brand new Paul Magrs story for Iris Wildthyme will be performed live by Katy Manning, David Benson and…! The event is a collective project by Doctor Who fan to raise funds for Australian Bushfire relief. Full details and tickets on the Vauxhall Tavern site. It’s a one…

More Iris Wildthyme from Obverse Books

After the December 2019 release of Iris Widthyme and the Polythene Terror by Paul Magrs, Obverse Books has released details of the rest of this four part series. Titles will be released in May and December, so remember to keep checking the Obverse Books website for ordering! It’s badged as New Adventures Series 1 –…

Muse of Fire review

Of December 2019’s two main range Doctor Who releases, Paul Magrs’s The Muse of Fire is far and away the most quirky. The idea of the Seventh Doctor, Ace, Hex, Iris Wildthyme, Panda and others might seem a lot for any story to handle, but rest assured Paul Magrs is up to his highest standards in The Muse of Fire. You want…

Wild Thymes on the 22

Obverse Books has released their tenth collection of Iris Wildthyme stories, Wild Thymes on the 22. Edited by Stewart Sheargold (Big Finish Productions), Wild Thymes on the 22 features new fiction by Steve Cole, Richard Wright, Matthew Bright, Cody Schell, Neil Chester and many others, with a special wrap-round cover by noted comics artist Paul Hanley.

The R3 Companion Chronicles Collector’s Guide Part II

Prompted by a full Companion Chronicles sale, here is the second part of my guide said range. It follows on from The R3 Companion Chronicles Collector’s Guide Part I. This part covers series 5 – 8. This is intended as a reference and is field under Home > Guides, as are all the other Red Rocket series guides.

Worlds of Big Finish reviewed

Big Finish released their crossover / heroes assemble special, Worlds of Big Finish in mid-May 2015. I was surprised at a somewhat mixed reaction from fans on the forum who seemed to judge it according to standards I didn’t feel were appropriate. For me I took this as a well priced 3 CD release covering a host of…

Worlds of Big Finish Cultbox review

I reviewed Worlds of Big Finish over on Cultbox, a review will follow here at some point. Even though not a Doctor Who title, four (so far) of the included stories have connected (Graceless, Iris Wildthyme, Vienna and Bernice Summerfield). The review is: ‘Worlds of Big Finish’ audio story review. *** Message Ends ***

Iris returns!

Fans of Iris Wildthyme had every reason to imagine they might never hear Katy Manning reprise the role of their favourite trans-temporal adventuress. Paul Magrs has been busy with the release of some great Brenda and Effie stories over at bafflegab and all looked lost. The imminent release of The Worlds of Big Finish offered some succour but would…

Worlds of Big Finish announced

At Big Finish Day 6, a new special was announced. To be released in May 2015 is a special The Worlds of Big Finish (aka Big Finish Assembles;-). The news item is NEW RELEASE ANNOUNCED – THE WORLDS OF BIG FINISH! This is a Scott Handcock project and is six half hour stories, all written by David Llewellyn.

The Elixir of Doom by Paul Magrs reviewed

Held over from 2011 for various reasons the Paul Magrs story The Elixir of Doom is the penultimate release in the Companion Chronicles range. Starring, as you might expect, Katy Manning as both Jo Grant and Iris Wildthyme and Derek Fowlds (Heartbeat). Expect the unexpected and plenty of gin, red buses and of course a Doctor – but…