More Iris Wildthyme from Obverse Books

After the December 2019 release of Iris Widthyme and the Polythene Terror by Paul Magrs, Obverse Books has released details of the rest of this four part series. Titles will be released in May and December, so remember to keep checking the Obverse Books website for ordering! It’s badged as New Adventures Series 1 – I wonder if we’ll get a series 2!

Iris Wildthyme New Adventures Series 1

Book 1: The Polythene Terror by Paul Magrs (released December 2019)
Iris Wildthyme and Panda have been exiled to Earth, and the Bus turned into, well, a bus. But perhaps it’s all for the best as the planet comes under attack from the terrifying Polythene Men! Employed by MAIOW as their new scientific advisor, and with a bevy of new pals in tow, Iris sets off to discover the source of what – let’s be honest – is bound to be only the first of many alien incursions!

Paul Magrs is an author, illustrator and teacher, who has published over thirty novels in a twenty year career. His latest series, the Lost on Mars trilogy, was published by Firefly Press.

Book 2: The Hugh Mann Factor by Ian Potter (to be published May 2020)
The Fame Factory – home of the world famous Potentionometer, presented by everyone’s favourite compere Hugh Mann, and the place where dreams of stardom come true! Surely there’s nothing to link that wonderful slice of Saturday night peak time viewing with the mysterious death of a unicyclist, the disappearance of an eccentric comedian or the peculiar case of a missing contortionist?

Iris isn’t keen to get involved but well, she needs MIAOW to keep supplying parts for her broken down Bus, doesn’t she?

Ian Potter has written a big fat book on UK TV history, comedy, documentary and drama for BBC Radio, quite a lot of stuff for Big Finish and bits and pieces for Obverse Books. With Matthew J Elliott he somehow conspires to do a lot of very silly jokes for Rifftrax, the people who rudely talk over films. He thinks Iris is smashing and is currently working on two audio comedy series that he’d quite like you to buy when you have a minute.

Book 3: The Vampire Mutations by James Bojaciuk (to be published
December 2020)

An experiment using photons culled from the sun itself goes horribly wrong. Britain is over-run by super rats, impervious to poison and traps. A deadly plague stalks the streets, killing with impunity. Vampires emerge from the shadows, hungry for blood. So why is the government doing nothing about any of this?

Thank goodness for MIAOW and Iris Wildthyme…

James Bojaciuk is CEO Duobus of 18th Wall Productions. His previous writing for Obverse Books includes two stories in Stranger Tales of the City, one co-authored with Elizabeth Evershed. Always too ready to write Sherlock Holmes stories, he is responsible for “Doppelgangers (and Other Artistic Piffle)” (#1 Best Steampunk Short Story, Preditors & Editors Readers’ Poll 2017) in All the Petty Myths, and another in John Linwood Grant’s upcoming anthology Sherlock Holmes & the Occult Detectives. He has also co-edited two volumes of Cryptid Clash! with Josh Reynolds.

Book 4: The Mermaid Menace by Selina Lock (to be published May 2021)
The events of the Polythene Terror have awakened something in the Brisingdeep Reservoir near Garnersedge. There are reports of mermaid-like creatures lurking in the depths and people going missing. As MIAOW swings into action, pupils from the radical free school Sommershill arrive at
Garnsersedge, Hall and Iris quickly finds themselves embroiled with the mermaid menace…

Selina Lock is a mild-mannered librarian from Leicester. In her alternative life in comics she edited The Girly Comic, and has written strips for various comic strip anthologies, including the double-Eisner nominated To End All Wars. She has had several short stories published and her novella Green Eyed and Grim is available from Obverse Books. Her most recent non-
fiction publication is the booklet The Only Woman Aboard about Lady Grace Drummond-Hay.

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