More views on Orphan 55

I very much didn’t enjoy Orphan 55 and said as much in my review. Of course it’s a big world out in Doctor Who fandom, and I’m very much in a minority and the episode has sparked a lot of comment on various forums / social media. It’s a pit we waste so much time…

Muse of Fire review

Of December 2019’s two main range Doctor Who releases, Paul Magrs’s The Muse of Fire is far and away the most quirky. The idea of the Seventh Doctor, Ace, Hex, Iris Wildthyme, Panda and others might seem a lot for any story to handle, but rest assured Paul Magrs is up to his highest standards in The Muse of Fire. You want…

Fifth Doctor offers from Big Finish

Ahead of tonight’s fifth episode of series 11 (The Tsuranga Conundrum), Big Finish has revealed its Fifth Doctor offers: THIRTEENTH DOCTOR SPECIAL OFFERS WEEK 5. Along with the regular content, there’s a chance to grab The Peterloo Massacre, by Paul Magrs. Enjoy! \\\ Message Ends ///

Fifth Doctor sale recommendation

This week (13-19 April, 2018) there’s special offers on several Fifth Doctor titles from Big Finish. Full details are: FIFTH DOCTOR SPECIAL OFFERS. There’s a lot of good titles, and the news piece is pushing Iterations of I from the Fifth Doctor Boxset. I rather like Paul Magr’s Lady of Mercia and Eddie Robson’s Fanfare for the Common Men. There are other titles…

The Missy Chronicles review

I had a read of The Missy Chronicles, and was glad I did. Six intriguing stories covering Missy’s incarnation from six very different authors (James Goss, Jacqueline Rayner, Cavan Scott, Paul Magrs, Peter Anghelides and Richard Dinnick). I had slightly more to say on Starburst: DOCTOR WHO: THE MISSY CHRONICLES. /// Message Ends \\\

Doctor Who: Tales of Terror

Here’s a thing, just published on September 7, 2017 it’s a new Doctor Who collection from Penguin Books. Titles Doctor Who: Tales of Terror it’s out shortly ahead of Halloween. It features stories from Paul Magrs, Jacqueline Rayner, Scott Handcock, Mike Tucker, Richard Dungworth and Craig Donaghy. There are twelve stories illustrated by Rohan Daniel Eason.