More views on Orphan 55

I very much didn’t enjoy Orphan 55 and said as much in my review. Of course it’s a big world out in Doctor Who fandom, and I’m very much in a minority and the episode has sparked a lot of comment on various forums / social media. It’s a pit we waste so much time keeping big datacentres busy with out nonsense so they can pump more heat into the environment. Meanwhile I thought I’d point out a range of opinions in balance.

Other people talk Orphan 55

A lot of people liked it. Here’s Paul Magrs on FaceBook:

Thoroughly enjoyed that, I have to say! I love DrWho when it has that slightly old school naffness about it. I love men in monster suits and barricades made from sun loungers and the discovery of yet another blitzed future earth. I love bizarrely acted guest roles (Benni!!!), pointlessly heroic self sacrifice and ludicrous plot conveniences. And I especially love that heady combination of silliness, dark comedy and heavy-handed lecturing. It’s gloriously daft, just like it always was. There’s lots you can say about this episode, but it wasn’t dull and it was definitely fun.

The Radio Times really enjoyed it as well: Doctor Who Orphan 55 review: it’s “Benidorm meets Aliens” with a timely eco-message.

Of course others didn’t. ScreenRant’s view was: Doctor Who’s Disappointing Episode 3 Shows How To Do Political Stories Wrong.

Over on Starburst, Kieron Moore manages to award 4* (out of 10) in his review. His take is pretty much spot on as it the DWC view by David Traynier: REVIEWED: DOCTOR WHO — ORPHAN 55.

I still stand by my view, too clunky yet looked good.

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