Sir Michael Palin joins Torchwood!

Winning the prize for most unlikely news item of the year, Big Finish has revealed Sir Michael Palin will narrate the April 2020 Torchwood story Tropical Beach Sounds and Other Relaxing Seascapes #4.

Nobody expected Sir Michael Palin!

Here’s an extract from the press release:

April’s audio adventure with the Torchwood team takes the form of a spoken word relaxation tape. But the last thing it will do is provide release from stress or anxiety.

In a remarkable change to Big Finish’s regular Torchwood adventures, legendary comedian, actor, broadcaster and globetrotter Sir Michael Palin provides sole narration as The Voice of the tape.

Torchwood: Tropical Beach Sounds and Other Relaxing Seascapes #4 is now available for pre-order as a collector’s edition CD at £9.99 or on download from the Big Finish website at £7.99.

You are listening to a self-help tape. You are hearing a soothing voice. You have always wanted to do something with your life, haven’t you? Oh, how you’ve ached to be a better person.

Well now. This is your chance. Go on. Sit back. Close your eyes. Relax. You’re going to learn all about Captain Jack Harkness. You’re going to learn all about Torchwood.
You’re going to change the world.

Producer, James Goss, said:

“Our director, Scott Handcock, had the idea of telling a story entirely through a haunted self-help tape, and we immediately suggested it to Tim Foley, the master of the unusual dramatic style (if you’ve not heard his podcast, The North West Footwear Database, you’re in for a treat). We were only too delighted when Scott secured the services of a national treasure to play the self-help tape. This really is a release to listen to in a darkened room.”

Narrator, Sir Michael Palin, added:

“I don’t normally get offered something like this. I’m used to doing The Clangers. It definitely attracted me because there’s an awful lot to it. It’s such a complex piece – from larky-jokey to very, very violent. It’s quite an adventure for me.  

“I didn’t do it because it was Torchwood. I haven’t seen a lot of it. But I did a bit of research – I don’t watch much television. Mainly Match Of The Day. I did it because it was a rather fascinating piece of writing.” 

All I can say is bring on April!

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