Counter Measures The Hollow King review

So, the Counter Measures range may be coming to an end but with Ian Potter’s The Hollow King it certainly isn’t bowing out with a whimper. Where the previous boxset was (at times) a strange mix of stories, this single disc release is a one rich tale of pagan rites, UFOs, new age gurus and more ideas than…

Doctor Who An Ideal World review on Cultbox

My review of the October 2018 Early Adventures story An Ideal World by Ian Potter is now online, thanks to CultBox: Doctor Who: Ideal World review. It’s a First Doctor with Vicki and Steven story, well performed but not (for me) as strong as last month’s Dalek Invasion of Winter. ooo Message Ends ooo

The British Invasion review

In the August 2017 Short Trips, Wendy Padbury reprises the role of Zoe in the Ian Potter Second Doctor story The British Invasion. Directed by Lisa Bowerman, this story is set in post-war Britain, and starts off as a simple tale, then becomes something much more.

Vortex Ice / Cortex Fire review on Cultbox

I penned some thoughts on the May main range release Vortex Ice / Cortex Fire over on Cultbox. It’s part of a roundup produced with Ian McArdell. This particular pair of stories has the Sixth Doctor and Flip in some really interesting situations in two stories by Jonathan Morris and Ian Potter. The review is: Big Finish Doctor…

The Memory Bank announced

A May Bank Holiday news piece gives details of the October release in the Big Finish Doctor Who main range. Full information on the Big Finish website: DOCTOR WHO: THE MEMORY BANK AND OTHER STORIES. This means we’ve had five Peter Davison Fifth Doctor boxsets in 2016, and we get a somewhat overdue set of stories for the Doctor and Turlough.