Revelation of the Daleks review

I turn my attention to one of the two Sixth Doctor stories to get a 4* rating from the Radio Times. Yes, time to rewatch the Eric Saward story Revelation of the Daleks. When this story was broadcast in March 1985 I was still watching the show around starting a new job. My memories have…

Halloween update for Doctor Who Legacy

The latest Tiny Rebel Games newsletter promises us a Halloween level, some Halloween gem skins and a Davros costume for the Twelfth Doctor. Behind the scenes we are due a new client to resolve some backup problems and the end of  the FaceBook version. I wonder when we will get some Class characters? I predict sooner than later! ???…

Tom Webster Davros poster

Big Finish cover artist Tom Webster has produced the Davros poster to the left for the BBC Doctor Who monster month. I thought I’d highlight it as I like a nice piece of art, and I haven’t (to memory) mentioned Tom’s work specifically. His FaceBook page is: Tom Webster Design. -*- Message Ends -*-

The Witch’s Familiar reviewed

My overall view of this episode is it was quite brilliant in many places, though I do worry it was too focussed on hard-core fans and will have alienated more casual viewers. With the unfortunate timing of the England-Wales Rugby World Cup game, Saturday’s viewing figures were as bad as they have been since the…

The Magician’s Apprentice reviewed

So, Doctor Who is back, not with a bang but with a massive, high-octane full-volume in your face spectacular. Magician’s Apprentice launched to almost universal praise. Lots of visuals, nice references to old Who and great performances it was a tour de force… wasn’t it? Cue the spoilers!

Genesis of Davros

It’s forty years since Genesis of the Daleks saw an anguished Fourth Doctor debate the ultimate act of genocide and decline the opportunity [picture is taken from a free download from Daryl Joyce]. According to one source (ok The Mirror) the opening story of the next Twelfth Doctor season owes more than a little to this classic adventure. Ware the…

Big Finish 15 – 2006

The Big Finish celebration machine hits 2006 today and there are two rich veins of material to explore. A surprise guest to the feast is the Dark Shadows range whereas the Doctor Who ranges have the I, Davros set plus The Davros Mission and these latter titles are all £1 each (download).

Colin Baker and Lisa Greenwood for Fourth Wall

The Flip side of the Sixth Doctor

Yes ‘flip-side’ is a bit obvious and already done by Big Finish themselves; deal with it! Anyway here we are at the end of the latest Sixth Doctor trilogy which surprised many fans by featuring  a new companion Flip played by Lisa Greenwood who we first encountered in The Crimes of Thomas Brewster. How did she…