Details on the 99 for 99 sale

So, the new sale is 99 titles for 99p (each) and download only. It might be a somewhat predictable mix (see 99 TITLES FOR 99P!), but there’s still a lot for many newer fans to digest, I have some thoughts as to what you might get…

99 for 99p sale recommendations

First, if you’re a complete newcomer, consider the classic minimum of:

  • Sirens of Time
  • The Marian Conspiracy
  • Storm Warning Sword, of Orion and Chimes of Midnight
  • Project Twilight and Project Lazarus
  • Colditz
  • Spare Parts
  • Jubilee
  • Pirates
  • Neverland and Zagreus
  • Omega / Davros / Master.

If you need to complete a run of stories for a Doctor, that’s an easy choice.

Then what? Let me suggest:

  • Main range Loups-Garoux – a brilliant story by Marc Platt
  • The first series of Dalek Empire – if you like it, the others will be on sale again someday
  • The first series of Cybermen (same logic)
  • The Davris series.

What are you getting? Let me know? What have I neglected?

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