Taken for Granted review

The Short Trips Subscriber release for the Big Finish Doctor Who main range June 2018 release Iron Bright was Taken for Granted by Ian Hidewell. It’s read by Stephen Critchlow and centres on a day in the life of Jo Grant. Jo thinks today will be like any other day, but sinister forces have their own agenda. A sequence of chases, escapes, confrontations, taxi drivers, alien encounters and mysterious happenings takes Jo on a journey that will change her life.

It’s one of those stories that builds the mystery scene by scene, layering problems one on the other putting Jo in ever increasing peril. The skill of writing is just when things are at their most bleak, the many pieces come together and it all makes perfect sense, though it’s an episode Jo will (in some ways) never recover from. It’s fair to say her life will never be the same again.

Yet again it’s a decent way to spend half-an-hour (OK – 38 minutes) in the company of a favourite companion, and yet one more reason to take out a main range subscription. If you haven’t downloaded yet, do take a listen.

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