Doctor Who: Loud and Proud review

Alongside The Kamelion Empire, March 2019 saw the release of the free (to main range subscribers) Subscriber Short Trips: Loud and Proud. It’s a Sixth Doctor and Mel story written by Andrew Allen. It’s well worth a listen so don’t forget to download and give it a whirl (not via the app as of time of writing).

Loud and Proud

I won’t give anything away, but this is very much a story well-targeted on Mel and Sixie. What I really liked was how gripped I was despite it being pretty obvious what (roughly) was going on in terms of the nature of the threat (if not motive).

It’s only a standard length story, but there’s plenty packed in here and it could have easily been a longer story. Stephen Critchlow is as perfect a reader as ever and it’s a pleasure to listen.

Will we get any more from Andrew Allen? Who knows?!

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  1. In case you didn’t know, Andrew Allen began Who fiction with the Lethbridge-Stewart range. You can find more of his works in The HAVOC Files 4, Lineage and the forthcoming Travers & Wells novel. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Tony Jones says:

    Thanks Andy! When I wondered about more I meant with Big Finish not in general. I was aware of the connection and maybe could have mentioned it. Thanks for the expansion


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